Board Members

Check here for news and information about your Gonzales County UWCD Board Members. The Gonzales County Underground Water Conservation District is comprised of five members elected from single-member districts. The Board of Directors meets in regular sessions on the second Tuesday of each month in the city of Gonzales, Texas.

Board Position Board Member Precinct Term Duration
President Mr. Bruce Tieken Precinct 1 05/08/2018-05/07/2022
Vice-President Mr. Kermit Thiele Jr Precinct 5 06/09/2020-06/09/2024
Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Barry Miller Precinct 4 06/09/2020-06/09/2024
Director TBD Precinct 2 TBD-06/09/2024
Director Mr. Mark Ainsworth Precinct 3 05/08/2018-05/07/2022


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Election of Directors is held in May on an alternating election schedule. The next election will be held on May 02, 2022. Click here... for further election timeline information and requirements. 

The Board voted to Adopt Amended Election Procedures as stipulated in Sec.36.059, Water Code. The statue requires the District to elect directors according to the Precinct Method as defined by Chapter 12, page 1105, Special Laws, Acts of the 46th Legislature, Regular Session, 1939. Section 6 of Chapter 12 requires the District Directors to serve staggered terms and for the District to conduct elections every tow years. Click here... to see a copy of the Board Resolutions signed on December 8, 2015.